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Our Complete Service Includes:

  • Company Records Binder
  • Company Name Imprinting
  • Slip Cover
  • Company Embossing Seal
  • 20 Imprinted Stock or Membership Certificates
  • Stock or Certificate Ledger
  • Operating Agreement on Disk (LLC kit only)
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) Filing Service.

After you form your new company, it is absolutely essential for you to keep accurate and up to date records. The IRS requires it! With our Corporate or LLC service this is easy. Giving you more time to run your business.

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Is YOUR corporation compliant?

Consider these facts:

YOUR corporation must comply with ALL state and federal laws; 95% of all corporations are non-compliant; whether your corporation has no employees or hundreds, it must follow formal compliance rules; it is YOUR responsibility to know and follow the rules; creditors are very good at piercing the corporate veil of liability protection.

Three steps to compliance:

  • Answer a few simple questions about your corporation (i.e. corporation name, formation date, etc.);
  • Check off any compliance Actions you may have already taken (i.e. issued stock, obtained EIN, etc.);
  • THAT'S IT! SmallBiZ Secretary automatically prepares and organizes ALL your documents online, ready to print along with detailed checklists of the actions you need to take to bring your corporation into compliance.

Let SmallBiZ Secretary handle the details. For more details go to

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