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Personalized Tax Organizer

In an effort to be more proactive, we email a personalized tax organizer to our returning clients around the end of each year. This is a PDF document that you can print out. If you are a returning client and have not received the tax organizer, please call or email us.

For your protection, the tax organizer is password protected. Also, all Social Security numbers and bank account numbers have been replaced with asterisks to protect your privacy and personal information.

The tax organizer helps you organize your tax information to ensure that you don’t miss any important deductions. Also we find that tax preparation is more efficient when we receive a competed organizer.

Please fill in your responses as best you can, completing at least the questionnaire and the sections covering your personal and dependent information. To help you complete the organizer with minimal time and effort, when available, you will find certain information from your prior year personal tax return. If any information does not apply to you or is incorrect, please draw a line through it or make the necessary corrections. It is not necessary that you input information from tax forms that you provide to us with the completed organizer. These would be the forms that you receive in the mail or through email marked “Important Tax Documents”. These include Forms W-2, 1095, 1098, 1099 and Schedule K-1.

Returning clients also can use a personalized online tax organizer if you prefer. If you want to make use of the online version, please call or email us.  We can make it available to you through our Secure Client Portal.  If this will be the first time using our portal, please call us to register.

You may also make use of a Free Tax Organizer if you prefer.  This is what we recommend for our new clients.

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